Paint Party!


Get together with us for a Postcard Paint Party this Saturday, June 13. We’ll meet at Marygrove College Gallery from 3 to 5. In January we had a party at Brenda Oelbaum’s studio that was pretty crazy. Don’t miss another one!

Dream of your work being seen in the nation’s capitol? These postcard creations will go to the National Conference in Washington D.C. and will be shown as a fund raiser.
At Marygrove, the Postcard Paint Party is a community outreach project as part of our ongoing exhibition, “Making Connections”, that you can also see when you come. We’ve invited community children, parents and friends of the Gallery to join us.
Support the women artists who’ve put so much into this show, that’s how your work will gain their support in the future. It’s a network thing! 
Saturday, June 13, 3 to 5 p.m.
Marygrove College
4th Floor Liberal Arts Building
8425 West McNichols
Detroit, MI 48221
313 927-1337
Margaret Parker
Your Prez

“Making Connections”opening success

Around 45 people arrived at 4th floor gallery under the bell tower of Marygrove College last night to  see “Making Connections”. The food and wine poured in, many thanks to all who contributed. The installation that Kathleen placed in uncanny pairings (I watched in amazement as she marched around the walls), was calm and glowing in the tall airy spaces. New faces and familiar ones mixed and luckily, Janice Milhem, one of our new members who makes videos professionally, agreed with only 4 days notice to tape interviews during the opening. So there we were, opening up before friends and strangers, telling our stories of connections with other women artists. A special inclusion was work by Mary Lou Green, a WCA member and head of Marygrove’s art department, who helped arrange for the space. Work of several Marygrove students was also included in the show who had been selected during the first  ever Promise Award given by our WCA chapter during the Marygrove student show.

With a concerted effort by all of you pitching in, we have made significant steps in bringing more young people and area artists into our group and making new friends from around the state. Let’s keep the connections growing.

Proud to be with you all,

Margaret Parker
President, WCAMI

Summer Artist Workshop in Italy

La Romita

New WCAMI member Nora Venturelli is offering a landscape painting workshop for artists in Italy this summer. The artist/instructor has taught drawing and painting for 20 years and is a Lecturer II at the University of Michigan Penny Stamps School of Art & Design. She is represented by WSG Gallery in Ann Arbor, MI. Work by Venturelli has been published recently in the 2012 May/June issue of Fine Art Connoisseur.  She exhibits nationally and internationally; her work is in numerous private and public collections.

Venturelli describes this travel-and-work experience as a “workshop designed for artists of all levels.” Participants will work outdoors in the spectacular, serene hill towns of Umbria, off the tourist-beaten path. Students will be encouraged to work with the materials of their choice and focus will be placed on individual needs. The instructor will discuss composition and design, color, color mixing and paint application. Daily demonstrations on-site, in-studio exercises, slide presentations, and group discussion will “help painters of all levels strengthen their sense of observation, and will help them to convert their observations into successful paintings.”

This Italian landscape workshop will be held July 22 – August 5.  The cost is $3850 per artist, based on double occupancy, with trips by private bus. Meals are included, airfare is separate.

Interested artists may call Nora Venturelli at 734-994-0344 or e-mail:

Call for Entry WCAMI Members +1 Show

Call for Art


June 2-27 2015

All  current members of the Michigan Chapter of Women’s Caucus for Art are invited to submit work for the upcoming annual WCAMI Show “Making Connections”. The theme of the show centers on the social and artistic connections that provide artists with contacts, inspiration and support in their art practice. Each current member of WCA is invited to invite another artist who is of importance in the pursuit of her artistic aims. This can be a peer, a mentor or an emerging artist supported by the WCAMI member. The exhibit will be held in the Gallery at Marygrove College, Liberal Arts Building, 9425 West McNichols, Detroit MI 48221.

The exhibit will run June 2-27, with a reception on June 6, 6-8. Each member artist is requested to donate $15 towards exhibit /opening expenses, due upon delivery of artworks to Marygrove.

Each WCAMI member artist is guaranteed to have at least one piece selected for this exhibit.  The exhibit will be curated by members of the WCAMI Board.  Our goal is to provide our members and guests with an opportunity to show their best work.

Guidelines for Entry:

1. 2D work must be no longer than 72″ on longest side

2. 3D work must be no larger than 72″ x 30″ around, and weigh no more than 40 pounds.

3. Work must be completed within the last 2 years and not previously exhibited in a WCAMI show.

4. Accepted entries must be ready for presentation.  Hanging work must be wired, all work must be labeled with name, title, media and price.  All packing material must be labeled with the artist’s name to be saved for return packing.

How to Enter:

All entries are curated via digital images.  Images should be in JPG format, 72 dpi, no more than 1 MB per JPG. Three images per member artist and three images doe guest artist, with additional JPGs acceptable for 3D works.

Send entries to: kaletts@arborart.copm, with MAKING CONNECTIONS  and member artist’s name in subject line. In the body of the email, include title, medium, size (HxWxD no inch marks) year and price if applicable for each piece, PLUS the name of guest artist and corresponding information on guest’s work.

Sales and Liability:

It is not required that art work be for sale; there is no gallery commission.  All accepted art will be handled with professional care, and every precaution will be taken to assure protection of artwork.  However, Marygrove College is not responsible for loss or damage to artworks.


Pauline Parker Quilts at Cherry Hill Gallery

PParker.Chicken.Supper copy

WCAMI President Margaret Parker is the daughter of another talented artist, Pauline Parker, and has organized an outstanding posthumous retrospective of her mother’s narrative quilts, now on view until March 31 in the Gallery of the Village Theater, 5040 Cherry Hill Road, Canton MI 48187.

Completed between 1987 and 2003 when the artist was in her 70’s, these masterful textiles combine visual storytelling and exuberant design. Pauline Parker was an accomplished landscape painter when she began to work on these large, collage-style appliqued quilts. Her fanciful compositions include epic themes from Biblical narratives, women’s tales and contemporary scenes.

Gallery Hours: Monday-Friday, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., also during public performances and by appointment.  (734) 394-5300.

PParker.Swan.Lake copy


WCAMI Promise Award goes to Marygrove’s Ginette Balbin-Cuesta


National And local members of WCA met at Marygrove College in Detroit, Michigan on Monday, March 16, to jury the first WCAMI Award for a young artist of  exceptional talent and promise.  Mary Lou Greene, a WCAMI member and head of the Art Department at Marygrove College, invited Women’s Caucus for the Arts to participate in the awards.  The jurors were Brenda Oelbaum, National President of WCA; Amanda Rogers, Vice President of National WCA;  Heide Otto Basinger, Vice President of National WCA Organizational Outreach; and K.A. Letts, former president of WCA’s Michigan Chapter.

The Promise Award went to Marygrove senior Ginette Balbin-Cuesta. Ms. Balbin-Cuesta  will be exploring her options in the coming  year while she takes a “gap year” in her education. In addition to art, she is interested in medicine. She will be showing her work this summer at Lawrence Street Gallery.

Several other promising artists were identified, and these artists were offered slots in the upcoming WCA Michigan Chapter Show Making Connections, to be held in June at Marygrove College.  The artists are:  Angela Allen (printmaking), Kristina Spencer (ceramics), Brittany Kihl (painting) and Karlin Motely (video).

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WCAMI’s Brenda Oelbaum at Toledo Museum of Art

Venus of Fonda (2) copy

Brenda Oelbaum’s Venus of Fonda is front and center in the Toledo Museum of Art as part of the Community Challenge show People on Paper.  The sculpture, which refers to the Venus of Willendorf, is made of pages from Jane Fonda’s diet books.  In a witty side note, she also sports Fonda’s trademark legwarmers. She levitates above a pedestal and is prominently installed at the end of a long gallery where she can be seen both far away and close up.  People on Paper will be on view until May 7.  For more information about the show and about the Community Challenge program at the Toledo Museum of Art, go to:



PowerArt Commission for WCA Member K.A. Letts

Showhorse 1 lo res

Show Horse 1 by K.A. Letts was one of 6 images chosen for the PowerArt project sponsored by the Arts Alliance in cooperation with the Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority (AADDA) and the Ann Arbor Public Art Commission (AAPAC). Eight colorful vinyl printed art reproductions will be installed on electric traffic boxes in downtown Ann Arbor in the first phase of PowerArt; additional public art commissions are planned.

Other artists whose work was chosen were: Mike McAteer, Danny Mooney, Thomas Rosenbaum, Sophia Zhou and David Zinn.  Two other artists will be selected from works by Carolyn Barrit, Mike Gould, Laila Kujala and Cecily Donnelly by public vote.  To vote online and to find out more about PowerArt, go to:*myQx3xhoLIr2A