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Opportunity for Community Art and Action

January 6, 2012
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                          Happy Year of the Dragon  


A year for action evidently and we appreciate your receptivity and enthusiasm for a community project.

To that end, our Michigan WCA will conduct a series of art workshops for girls at the Juvenile Detention Center here in Ann Arbor.  WCA member Carol Morris will submit a proposal to the Center this month, prior to meeting with administrators.

Now is the time for members to indicate whether they are interested in this project. Artists in all media are needed (appreciated.) As well as creating art, the project could show films, and have educational presentations and experiments.

Carol’s goal is to create a more versatile in the curriculum than the one she’s been leading in the county Jail for women. The hope is that they won’t be so restrictive with art materials. She is proposing a project   geared to a broader set of possibilities for exposing incarcerated women to the joy of art in all its forms. 

Generally our materials will be limited to paper, safety scissors, glue, colored pencils, watercolors, non-permanent felt pens and magazine page size images. The population will be small and transient.

Any members interested please e-mail Carol by Jan 15th.  So she can submit a proposal by Jan 15th. 

Please include the following:

Artist Name     Medium     Time available for volunteering? (Daytimes? Weekends? Etc.)

Carol will be writing a grant proposal for this as soon as I get the parameters.

The Mind boggles with Possibilities            

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