Meet-up at Beverly Buchanan Opening

On Thursday, Nov. 1, a bunch of WCA-MI members attended the opening of 2011 WCA Lifetime Achievement Award winner Beverly Buchanan At Gallery DAAS on the main campus of the University of Michigan. Attending were: Brenda Oelbaum, Barbara Carson, Loisann Arnold, Amanda Moyer, Ludmila Ketslakh, Christy Kelly-Bengten, Carol Morris, Margaret Parker, and K.A. Letts. The artist was in attendance and spoke briefly to the opening night guests. The works were well installed and well lighted in an intimate space; the work was curated by Marienetta Porter. They fell into roughly 2 groups: an earlier collection of houses which were brightly painted and featured appliqued deecoration, and a later body of work that was unpainted, slightly larger and free of paint.
Afterwards we retreated to Dominick’s for wine and nachos and we argued and laughed about the upcoming elections.

Published by K.A. Letts

K.A. Letts is a painter living and working in the metro Detroit area.

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