A studio visit with Gabriela Sincich


Michigan chapter members Brenda Oelbaum and Amanda Moyer and WCA supporter Jeremy Hansen traveled to West Lafayette, Indiana to stay with Gabriela Sincich. Sincich is a WCA member at large with a passion for representing nature in her work. Oelbaum and Sincich connected a few months ago over a performance idea Oelbaum submitted to (corpo)realities, the 2nd Annual Graduate Symposium on Theatre and Performance Studies at Indiana University. Upon acceptance into the event, Oelbaum asked Sincich to participate in her performance Corporal Punishment II.

The Symposium weekend has arrived, so we joined Sincich at her home for the evening in order to prepare for the performance and to connect with yet another talented female artist. We were greeted by a home filled with smells of delicious Mediterranean food and walls covered in beautiful art created by Sincich.


Sincich shared her beautiful paintings and drawings with us and a peak inside her process as she guided us through her studio and home. She even shared the exciting news that a gallery in Chicago has agreed to represent her work. Congratulations Gabriela!


Today we will rehearse for the performance and continue to connect to Sincich before we travel the two hours to Bloomington, Indiana. Check back for more posts on the Performance Symposium and the art scene in Indiana as we explore the town this afternoon.

To see more of Gabrielle Sincich’s work visit her website: http://gsincich.com/

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