Michigan Artist Wins WCA National 2015 President’s Award for Art and Activism

Petra Kuppers, a professor at the University of Michigan, has won the prestigious 2015 President’s Award for Art and Activism. Kuppers is a disability culture activist and performance artist, and heads the Olimpias, a performance research collective (www.olimpias.org). She is the author of numerous books and articles on the subject of disability and the arts. Her most recent monograph, Disability Culture and Community Performance: Find a Strange and Twisted Shape,  explores the Olimpias’ arts-based research methods.  She is also the author of a new textbook, Studying Disability Arts and Culture: An Introduction.

The Michigan Chapter of WCA has purchased an ad congratulating Petra Kuppers and the other Lifetime Achievement Awardees, Sue Coe, Kiki Smith and Martha Wilson.  The ad will be published in the program of the  National WCA Conference in New York City this year.  Donations to cover the cost of the ad will be accepted with thanks at the Annual Holiday Party at Brenda Oelbaum’s studio on January 4.  For more information on donating, contact: brendaoelbaum@gmail.com

Published by K.A. Letts

K.A. Letts is a painter living and working in the metro Detroit area.

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