Women, Yes! Posters in AAATA Buses

Call for Entry

Women, Yes!: Bringing Art to the AAATA Community, 2016

The Michigan Women’s Caucus for Art is looking for women artists from Michigan to participate in Women Yes!, a poster competition and campaign that will bring art by talented women artists into AAATA buses in the Ann Arbor, Dexter, Saline, Milan and Ypsilanti areas. Our goal is to provide exciting and thought-provoking visual artworks in poster form inside buses throughout the system. Women Yes! will feature work by Michigan women artists and will promote awareness of the vibrant network of artists, curators, writers and arts professionals who are members of the Women’s Caucus for Art.

Empowerment of women is the theme of this poster series. The stories of women’s lives and how those stories change as women take charge of their own destiny is not just a “women’s story” but an important human story. When a woman is empowered it transforms not only her own life but also the lives of her family, her children and her community. This is a story that the Women’s Caucus for Art of Michigan is proud to share with the widest possible audience by exhibiting this work in conjunction with the AAATA public transportation system.

Eight final images will be chosen to be printed as posters for display in AAATA buses during 2016. The selected images will be reproduced within a template provided by WCAMI and printed. The image to be designed will be 14” x 9.5”. The final poster will be 17” x 11”. Each design should include the title, Women, Yes!, within the design.


Guidelines for “Women, Yes!”

Bringing Art to the AAATA Community, 2016

AAATA Standards

AAATA has these advertising standards. All selected entries will be approved by the AAATA according to these standards.

In order to minimize the chances of abuse, the appearance of favoritism, and the risk of imposing upon a captive audience, advertising in or on AAATA vehicles which does any of the following shall be prohibited.

  1. Contains false, misleading, or deceptive material.
  2. Promotes an illegal activity.
  3. Advocates violence or crime.
  4. Infringes copyright, service mark, title or slogan.
  5. Defames or is likely to hold up to scorn or ridicule a person or group   of persons.
  6. States or implies the endorsement of a product or service by AAATA.
  7. Contains political or political campaign advertising.
  8. Contains advertising that is obscene or pornographic, or in advocacy of imminent lawlessness or violent action.
  9. Promotes alcohol or tobacco products.

Design entry guidelines.

  1. Each artist may enter 3 designs within one submission.
  2. Create your designs to these dimensions: 9.5”ht. x 14” w.. Images in other dimensions will not be accepted.
  3. Create your designs at 300 dpi, no more than 5MB.
  4. Create your designs in CMYK mode, which is best for printing (in Photoshop, go to image/mode/ select CMYK.)
  5. Include the title, Women, Yes!, in the graphic, hand drawn or in typeface, as small or large as you prefer. Images without the title, Women, Yes! , will not be accepted.
  6. Interpret the theme of empowering women as broadly as your expression takes you, within the AAATA guidelines listed above.
  7. Label each image as “Title_14x9.5_year”. Save each as a jpg.

Example: Women’s-Work_14x9.5_2015.jpg

          1. Send an email to wcamichigan@yahoo.com. Put “Women Yes!” Submission YOUR NAME in the subject line.
          2. In the body of the email, give your name, address, phone number, email address, WCAMI member, new joining member, or not member. List the titles of all the images you’re entering.
          3. Attach up to 3 images for your submission to the email.
          4. Pay online using Paypal button on the WCAMI blog or send your check by mail ($5 for a WCAMI member or $10 for a non-member) to Loisann Arnold, 8569 Stonegate Dr., Northville, MI 48168. Checks due: February 23, 2016. Your check must be received before your entry will be considered.
          5. All entries due: March 1, 2016. Your check must have been received the week before.
          6. If you wish to become a WCAMI member, pay using the PayPal button on this blog. Then contact Elizabeth Wilson, at info@veoartstudio.com. If you’re becoming a new member, and wish to use the member fee of $5 for this submission, we must receive your member check before your entry will be considered.
          7. Winners will be announced on March 15, 2016. Winning entries will be posted in all AAATA busses around April 1-10, 2016. Winning designs will also be posted on the WCAMI blog and the Facebook page.

Dec. 1: Call sent out.

Feb. 23: New member checks due, entry fees due.

Mar. 1: All entries due.

Mar. 8-15: Jury selects 8 finalists. AAATA approves selections.

Mar. 15: Winners announced

Mar. 20: Artwork goes to printer.

Apr. 1-10: Posters go up in buses.

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2 thoughts on “Women, Yes! Posters in AAATA Buses

  1. Thank you Margaret and All.

    An excellent opportunity go get the word out about WCA-MI and about Women and who we are YES!

    Thank you for all the hard work. Hope to contribute.

    Patty Patty

    Sent from my HTC

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