Building Community the WCA Chapters’ Council meets

WCA Conference is happening in New York City from February 13 – 17, 2013.
 Building Community, the theme this year, focuses on opportunities to network, see art in New York City, 
and make connections. Above is Chapters’ Council Meeting & Elections
 this morning 
7:30 – 9:00 am. Artists representing WCA chapters from around the countryContinue reading “Building Community the WCA Chapters’ Council meets”

Diet Detour Installation Opening at Whitdel Arts

” “Fat Feminist Activist” blogger, artist and prominent WCA-MI member Brenda Oelbaum will open her new installation “Diet Detour” on February 22 from 6-10 in Detroit’s Whitdel Arts Gallery. The installation is a kind of maze composed of discarded diet books which the artist has been collecting for several years. The exhibit promises to beContinue reading “Diet Detour Installation Opening at Whitdel Arts”

WCA Holiday Sketchtacular

Sunday afternoon,Michigan WCA members and friends from all over the state congregated at Brenda Oelbaum’s studio in Ann Arbor, to sketch, talk and enjoy food and drink together for the holidays. A life drawing session with Satori Circus, a well-known Detroit performance artist, artist’s model and “Detroit Institution” (pictured above in a fetching pink frock)Continue reading “WCA Holiday Sketchtacular”

WCA-MI at Wayne State Noel Night event

WCA-MI members Brenda Oelbaum, Amanda Moyer and K.A. Letts represented the organization at an event  in Wayne State’s Community Arts building on Noel Night, December 1.  Their goal was to interest potential members in joining the organization with printed material about previous exhibitions,  an informational  slide show designed by Amanda Moyer and a participatory activity called “IContinue reading “WCA-MI at Wayne State Noel Night event”

WCA-MI visits the James R. DeSana Center for Arts and Culture in Wyandotte

Not content with merely attending the opening of Pat Izzo and Martine MacDonald at Rivers Edge Gallery on November 17, WCA members took a side trip to the new home of the Downriver Council for the Arts, where Executive Director Tamara Trudelle took us on a tour of the former Masonic Lodge. This beautiful buildingContinue reading “WCA-MI visits the James R. DeSana Center for Arts and Culture in Wyandotte”

Oceanic Bliss Door for Avalon Housing Gala is complete

The door is finally done, not without some last minute crises–but it looks great and we hope it benefits Avalon Housing. The door will be sold at the Gala on Friday, Nov. 2, and tickets to the event can be purchased at

Opportunity for Community Art and Action

                                            Happy Year of the Dragon          A year for action evidently and we appreciate your receptivity and enthusiasm for a community project. To that end, our Michigan WCA will conductContinue reading “Opportunity for Community Art and Action”

Are Feminism and Gender Based Art Groups Relevant in The 21st Century?

Sofonisba Anguissola, Lavinia Fontana, Barbara Longhi, Fede Galizia, and Artemisia Gentileschi, in a different world these names would be as familiar to us as Rembrandt, Rubens, Titian, El Greco, or Caravaggio. These women artists were contemporaries of the the male masters we know so well.  Social mores of the times limited a woman’s  access to theContinue reading “Are Feminism and Gender Based Art Groups Relevant in The 21st Century?”

Michigan Women’s Caucus for Art shares Visual Thinking Strategies

Nine of us gathered Thursday evening, May 19th to share our artwork and ideas.  We continued our exploration utilizing Visual Thinking Strategies to discover new ideas about the art we are creating. Beginning with three simple questions we were able to generate a whole list of concepts and themes that enriched both the artist thatContinue reading “Michigan Women’s Caucus for Art shares Visual Thinking Strategies”