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Nationally Recognized Artist Beverly Buchanan livens up Local WCA-MI Gathering

April 7, 2011

Beverly Buchanan and Casey Janowski

On March 17, 2011 a group of about 30 women were energized by the vibrant artist Beverly Buchanan.  Buchanan was a recently honored by National Women’s Caucus for Art’s with a Lifetime Achievement Award. In an essay written for the event Lucy Lippard describes Beverly’s work as; “precarious, wackily off-kilter, and oddly cheerful shacks,” created in “two and three dimensions,” as “stand-ins for the artist herself.” The group was delighted by stories about her early life, and the of sharing insight about her work and it’s symbolism.

Casey Janowski, a Buchanan devotee and art teacher from North Carolina demonstrated how she was inspired by the elder artist’s work. Using a power-point presentation she illustrated the power of Buchanan’s art to reach a group of gifted and exceptional high school students. Utilizing found materials and clay they were able to visually interpret issues relevant to their lives.

This year the WCA-MI group has decided to invite their membership and other regional artists to create works inspired by Buchanan’s.

As a precursor to creating art inspired by Beverly Buchanan’s there will be two workshops held to lead us through  the creative process;

1)   Identity and Place: A workshop inspired by the life and work of Beverly Buchanan, April 28, 1-3:30pm at BrendaOArt Studio 1342 North Main St., Suite 7, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

2)   Exploring Visual Thinking: At our Meeting of Minds, May 19, 7-9:00pm at BrendaOArt Studio 1342 North Main St., Suite 7, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 (contact Brenda for directions

The group has also decided to submit an application for Beverly Buchanan to the Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame in Lansing.

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