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Inspiring Michigan Women’s Caucus for Art Workshop

May 7, 2011

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We had a wonderfully inspiring workshop  April 28, 1-3:30pm at BrendaOArt Studio lead by Christy Kelly-Bentgen.  A great group of women gathered. We began utilizing Visual Thinking Strategies helped to identify some of the unifying ideas and motifs contained in Beverly Buchanan’s piece “Richard’s Home.” We then moved into a “free write” and collage around the themes of identity and place.

Through sharing we were each able to generate new ideas by listening to each other.  Some of our discussion explored the ways we use the word “place” in ordinary conversation; a place on the map, a place in society, in place, out-of-place.  There are also symbolic values assigned to a place that can be connected to psychic or emotional responses. As we sought to distill our ideas we  were asked to choose one or more of the places on our list and consider key identifying features of the place: colors, shapes, and textures. Then we started condensing the elements to their simplest forms. Translating concepts into concrete building blocks.  We did similar exercises with identity.

Hope you will join us at our next  Meeting of Minds, May 19, 7-9:00pm at BrendaOArt Studio 1342 North Main St., Suite 7, Ann Arbor, MI 48104. Bring art to share, either related to the Beverly Buchanan Tribute or something you’re working on and would like to share.  We will discuss not critique, exploring what we see, which may assist you in further distilling concepts and themes.

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