Strawberries and Cream :)

Bright and squirrelly this morning Brenda Oelbaum and I hopped into her car for a trip to South Bend, Indiana. Why South Bend you ask? Because the Indiana chapter of the Women’s Caucus for Art invited Brenda to come down and speak to their members about her art. I always love traveling to meet up with other WCA chapters and members because it allows me to take advantage of the immense network of female artists in this organization. Each woman I meet becomes a new sister, mother or grandmother figure that makes the greater art world feel so much more homey.

The Mishawaka (say that ten times fast) library provided space for the talk and nine ladies showed up to see and discuss Brenda’s work from her university days to her most recent Venus of Willendorf Project. There was much laughter over her “Axis of Evil” installation at Ann Arbor Art Fair and the “Does this make my (blank) look big?” series.

After the presentation, chapter president Helen Geglio hosted us for dinner at her charming home. The rugs, felted pillows and eclectic cheer of the home gave me the impression that Helen had a soft spot for textile art in her heart, which was confirmed as she showed us her most recent art experiments. These “sketches” were beautifully layered compositions of patterned fabrics quilted into a blanket of seeds. Looking forward to what these “sketches” will sprout into! Helen’s husband and Anna Bowers, another WCA member, also joined us for the delicious dinner of grilled chicken and asparagus, fresh guacamole, pasta salad, and a dessert of cake topped with strawberries and cream. Yum!

Thank you to the Indiana chapter for hosting us for this day of art and community!







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