Entry Deadline Sept 2nd: Eye On The D

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The Women’s Caucus for Art is now calling for artwork for the exhibition “Eye On The D.”

This show focuses on the rich multi-textured character of the city of Detroit in the midst of radical change. Whether it’s the current physical landscape, evolving neighborhoods or political makeup, show us evidence of a re-imagined terrain. What is the next chapter in the story of this quintessential American city, or what whispers not to be forgotten? Detroit’s historic artistic achievements are monumental – the architecture of Albert Kahn and Eliel Saarinen, the auto industry’s design revolution, the public murals of Diego Rivera and the intensely personal work of Frida Kahlo, the music of Motown and Hip Hop. Recent creative momentum has given voice to a new vision of the city in this post-Fordian post-modern era and gained national and international attention. How do you see the city of the future, the city in your imagination, what inspires you about Detroit?

Last year the Michigan Chapter of the Women’s Caucus for Art organized a Detroit Art Tour for attendees of the National WCA Summer Board Meeting. Response was so great that the Michigan Chapter organized this show to instigate a national response to our city, and to hear from artists from around Michigan and especially from Detroit about how they see this time of crisis and regeneration.

Detroit artists Bethany Shorb and Cynthia Greig

Friday, November 1

555 Gallery, Detroit, MI
November 1-21, 2013

Deadline is September 2nd.

The Late Entry Deadline is September 6th.

To Enter:

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9 thoughts on “Entry Deadline Sept 2nd: Eye On The D

  1. I would like to enter this show because I was born and raised in Detroit and have been visiting frequently to photograph and, of course, go to the wonderful museums. But I currently live in Illinois and wonder if I can still participate. If so, how many files can be entered and what is the fee.
    Thank you

    1. I’m not sure if anyone responded to your question Barbara Thomas…but you are certainly welcome to enter the call for art. The entry fee is on the call for art itself, with discounts for WCA members. People who attended the Tour of Detroit last summer during the WCA Summer Board Meeting and the members of the DSWPS who donated lunch at the Scarab Club are exempt from the entry fee. Feel free to contact me if you are not able to find the call for art, and the requirements.

      1. I only see the due dates, jurors, reception date, and gallery where the show will be held on the call for art–nothing about how many entries and entry fees.

  2. I completed my entry yesterday, but realized this morning that I submitted files that are too small. I also have to tweak a couple of other things on the entry.

    I watched the video again and it said that the organization can change my entry to “not submitted” so that I can make those changes. Also, when I do that, I already submitted my payment, so how does that work when I redo it? My entry # is 1187.92977

    Sorry for the trouble, and thank you for your help.

    Barbra Thomas

    1. Barbara can you please contact Margaret Parker who is organizing the exhibition about your issue and see if she can help you with it. Her email address is mparkerst@gmail.com please explain that you were directed to her by Brenda Oelbaum via the blog and that tell her what you would like to have done so that you complete your entry to your liking.

      all the best.

      Brenda O.

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