Saturday. What a Day!

What a day indeed. To begin the day I stopped at Sandra Perlow’s beautiful studio in downtown Chicago with the WCA members who were down from Finlandia University; Phyllis Fredendall, Melanie Houghton, and Shelby Winter. Sandra donated a painting to the raffle at the Gala this year, so it was wonderful to see and hear about her process. It is amazing to see how many layers of fabric, paper, and paint make up her paintings.




The Feminist Art project panels also took place all day at Columbia College just two blocks from the hotel. This years panels focused on themes surrounding motherhood. The panels were really thought provoking presentations and were followed by even better conversations.

After the TFAP panels it was time to prep for the award ceremony and Gala. These cartfulls are just a glimpse into the work that director Karin Luner does every year to make these events happen. THANK YOU to Karin.

This year 6 women received awards: Phyllis Bramson, Harmony Hammond, Adrian Piper, and Faith Wilding were honored with Lifetime Achievement awards and Janice Nesser-Chu and Hye-Seong Tak Lee were given the President’s Award for Art and Activism. The Gala celebration following was beautiful. Photos of that part of the event will come later.



A special Thank You to all the volunteers who made this event possible. As a volunteer run organization, WCA could not do it without you!

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