WCAMI and Arts Alliance Michigan at the Columbus Invitational Arts Competition

WCAMI is honored to be invited to participate in cooperation with the Arts Alliance Michigan, in the Columbus Invitational Arts Competition, to be held at the King Arts Complex, 867 Mt. Vernon Avenue, Columbus Ohio June 12 – August 24.

The Columbus Invitational Arts Competition was started in 2012 to recognize groups that combine excellence in art with an exceptional commitment to the community.  This year, for the first time, the competition expands to include entries from Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky and Indiana.

Three art works will represent WCAMI: Down River, an encaustic painting by Birgit-Hutteman-Holz, See/Hear/Speak/Do No Evil, a photo by Patricia Izzo and a mixed-media sculpture by Martine McDonald entitled The Sacred Melancholy. 

Down River (2)SEE-SPEAK-HEAR-DO_NO_EVIL_IZZO_l (2)The_Sacred_Melancholy (2)

Published by K.A. Letts

K.A. Letts is a painter living and working in the metro Detroit area.

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