WCAMI’s Brenda Oelbaum at Toledo Museum of Art

Venus of Fonda (2) copy

Brenda Oelbaum’s Venus of Fonda is front and center in the Toledo Museum of Art as part of the Community Challenge show People on Paper.  The sculpture, which refers to the Venus of Willendorf, is made of pages from Jane Fonda’s diet books.  In a witty side note, she also sports Fonda’s trademark legwarmers. She levitates above a pedestal and is prominently installed at the end of a long gallery where she can be seen both far away and close up.  People on Paper will be on view until May 7.  For more information about the show and about the Community Challenge program at the Toledo Museum of Art, go to:




Published by K.A. Letts

K.A. Letts is a painter living and working in the metro Detroit area.

3 thoughts on “WCAMI’s Brenda Oelbaum at Toledo Museum of Art

  1. Brenda’s work is such a strong image and concept with great impact. Love how ‘she’ levitates’! A very important message with a wonderful tongue-in-cheek humor! Wish I could see this inventive technique and execution in person.

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