“Making Connections”opening success

Around 45 people arrived at 4th floor gallery under the bell tower of Marygrove College last night to  see “Making Connections”. The food and wine poured in, many thanks to all who contributed. The installation that Kathleen placed in uncanny pairings (I watched in amazement as she marched around the walls), was calm and glowing in theContinue reading ““Making Connections”opening success”

WCAMI’s Brenda Oelbaum at Toledo Museum of Art

Brenda Oelbaum’s Venus of Fonda is front and center in the Toledo Museum of Art as part of the Community Challenge show People on Paper.  The sculpture, which refers to the Venus of Willendorf, is made of pages from Jane Fonda’s diet books.  In a witty side note, she also sports Fonda’s trademark legwarmers. SheContinue reading “WCAMI’s Brenda Oelbaum at Toledo Museum of Art”

WCAMI member Martine MacDonald at Downriver Arts and Crafts Guild

I am re-posting this  article from The News Herald  by Andrea Blum ablum@heritage.com; Twitter: @AndreaBlum1 Click to enlarge Martine MacDonald, WCA member and a well-known local artist and instructor at Wayne County Community College, will speak at the free meeting of the Downriver Arts and Crafts Guild, set for 6:30 p.m. March 3 at Southgate VeteransContinue reading “WCAMI member Martine MacDonald at Downriver Arts and Crafts Guild”

Book Fairs in the Morning, Galleries in the Evening.

Today was a day filled with great discoveries, good book deals, networking, and artistic inspiration. From the CAA book fair to a walking gallery tour in Chelsea, the only way I can describe the day is in photos. Enjoy!

Hanging in the ‘Balance’

Surprises abound in this year’s annual Women’s Caucus for Art Michigan’s exhibition in the Gallery in the Dudterstadt Center. Eco Artist Sophie Grillet’s Fish Trash whose title plays with the child like words to describe what fish do “Splish Splash”, casts ghostly shadows on her Balance partner Delilah Smith’s oil on canvas painting entitled Sea, Wind, Sky,Continue reading “Hanging in the ‘Balance’”