“Making Connections”opening success

Around 45 people arrived at 4th floor gallery under the bell tower of Marygrove College last night to  see “Making Connections”. The food and wine poured in, many thanks to all who contributed. The installation that Kathleen placed in uncanny pairings (I watched in amazement as she marched around the walls), was calm and glowing in the tall airy spaces. New faces and familiar ones mixed and luckily, Janice Milhem, one of our new members who makes videos professionally, agreed with only 4 days notice to tape interviews during the opening. So there we were, opening up before friends and strangers, telling our stories of connections with other women artists. A special inclusion was work by Mary Lou Green, a WCA member and head of Marygrove’s art department, who helped arrange for the space. Work of several Marygrove students was also included in the show who had been selected during the first  ever Promise Award given by our WCA chapter during the Marygrove student show.

With a concerted effort by all of you pitching in, we have made significant steps in bringing more young people and area artists into our group and making new friends from around the state. Let’s keep the connections growing.

Proud to be with you all,

Margaret Parker
President, WCAMI

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