Paint Party!


Get together with us for a Postcard Paint Party this Saturday, June 13. We’ll meet at Marygrove College Gallery from 3 to 5. In January we had a party at Brenda Oelbaum’s studio that was pretty crazy. Don’t miss another one!

Dream of your work being seen in the nation’s capitol? These postcard creations will go to the National Conference in Washington D.C. and will be shown as a fund raiser.
At Marygrove, the Postcard Paint Party is a community outreach project as part of our ongoing exhibition, “Making Connections”, that you can also see when you come. We’ve invited community children, parents and friends of the Gallery to join us.
Support the women artists who’ve put so much into this show, that’s how your work will gain their support in the future. It’s a network thing! 
Saturday, June 13, 3 to 5 p.m.
Marygrove College
4th Floor Liberal Arts Building
8425 West McNichols
Detroit, MI 48221
313 927-1337
Margaret Parker
Your Prez

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