Side-by-Side, AAWA POP-X Proposal

The Ann Arbor Women Artists(AAWA) proposal, Side-by-Side, has been accepted for the juried POP-X event for September 22-October 1, 2016!

The POP-X team is inviting all AAWA members to participate in this community engagement project. Right now we are preparing for the pavilion installation to be set up in Liberty Plaza Park downtown Ann Arbor for the event.

The goal of this project is to promote community wholeness, inclusiveness and understanding by collaborating on works of art. We will be holding workshops from June 27 through August where each participating AAWA member will be paired with a community member. The pair will discuss their commonalities. The pairs will then use acrylic paint, clay, collage or mixed media to create realistic or abstract 3D portraits to express their commonalities as well as their uniqueness. Select portraits will be on display during the event.

Some fun ways to get involved right now:
1. Sign up to pair with a community member to create 3D portraits (time commitment of 6-8 hours)
2. Help coordinate and/or facilitate/teach workshops
3. Take photographs of the workshops and portraits
4. Teach and/or create mosaic frames on small mirrors
5. Help with pavilion design and construction
6. Help coordinate pavilion activities and many more ways…

We are coordinating with a number of diverse community groups to find community member participants.
A few examples of groups that have already responded include:
1. Girls Group scheduled workshop June 271-4pm
2. Silver Club
3. Neutral Zone

The POP-X team will provide an orientation and training to all AAWA members interested.

To learn more please reply to this email or contact the project co-chairs:

Liz Wilson

Mary Murphy

Lidia Kaku

Or come to one of our meetings at AAWA:
Thursday June 16, 10am-12pm
Wednesday June 221-3pm
Thursday June 30, 10am-12pm

We hope you will join in!

The POP-X 2016 Team

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