WCAMichigan wins MCACA Minigrant

We are very pleased to announce that WCAMI has been awarded a MCACA Minigrant for 2016 to help send 2 Michigan members to the national WCA Conference in Washington, D.C.. Congratulations to all involved! The $700 award will be matched by private donations. We would like to thank the MCACA and Arts Alliance of Washtenaw CountyContinue reading “WCAMichigan wins MCACA Minigrant”

August WCAMI Meet-Up

Studio visits give you a chance to see women artists at work, how they organize their space, time and surrounding life. It also supports working artists of WCAMI. This month Elizabeth Wilson will open her space, VEO Art Studio, to talk about her work and give a demonstration in her sculpture techniques. Studio Visit: VEO ArtContinue reading “August WCAMI Meet-Up”

Window Installation Opportunity in A2

Originally posted on Rustbelt Arts:
Sorry for the rather poor quality of this photo, but I took this picture on my phone while walking around in downtown Ann Arbor.  This is an installation by talented A2 artist Mike Sivak whose beautifully crafted artworks often refer to devotional objects such as reliquaries and altars, all in the service…

Interview with K.A. Letts for Femmes Folles

I was contacted recently by arts writer Sally Deskins for an interview in the online  journal Femmes Folles about being a  woman artist in the Midwest. Deskin, who also writes for the Pittsburgh Articulate, asks some probing questions about making and showing art in this region. For the full interview, go to: http://femmesfollesnebraska.tumblr.com/post/107405394722/ka-letts-artist

Michigan Artist Wins WCA National 2015 President’s Award for Art and Activism

Petra Kuppers, a professor at the University of Michigan, has won the prestigious 2015 President’s Award for Art and Activism. Kuppers is a disability culture activist and performance artist, and heads the Olimpias, a performance research collective (www.olimpias.org). She is the author of numerous books and articles on the subject of disability and the arts.Continue reading “Michigan Artist Wins WCA National 2015 President’s Award for Art and Activism”

WCAMI Artists debate the pros and cons of Artprize at Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame

On October 26, 2014 at the Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame in Lansing MI, six WCAMI artistswho have previously shown their work at Artprize met with WCAMI general membership to discuss the pros and cons and ins and outs of participation in the event. The artist panelists quickly revealed that their reasons for entering theContinue reading “WCAMI Artists debate the pros and cons of Artprize at Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame”